The Power of 3       

Time and again in passages written by Greek historians the number 3 seems to find its way into the story. It is for this reason that modern historians tend to doubt those passages, saying that the story is more like 'a fairy tale' than a recounting of the facts, not on any deliberate aforethought by the historian, but either told because the person recounting the story doesn't know what really happend or it is a way of verbally passing down stories from generation to generation and being able to remember it.

Even today when we do stories about 'fairy tales', 'jokes' or 'short stores' we too use the number 3.

These include:

  • Godilocks and the 3 bears
  • The 3 little pigs
  • 3 blind mice
  • Countless jokes about 3 people like: 'There was a Italian a Greek and a German who..."


In ancient literiture this has lead to doubt being cast on the following stories:

  • King Croesus uttered the name Solon 3 times and was saved from death by Cyrus
  • The Spartans made their defence at Themopylae in 3 days
  • Stories about the Messenian King Aristomenes, who escpaed the Spartans 3 times
  • The King of Persia who had his servants repeat to him 3 times a day 'remember the Athenians'





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