Bone Transferals of Mythical Persons

Below is the list of bone transferals of mythical persons mentioned in anciet literature. The list has come from the article called 'The Transfer of Hippodameia's Bones: A Historical Context' written by Barbara McCauley, published by The Classical Association of the Middle West and South Inc. via The Classical Journal, Vol.93, No.3 (Feb-Mar,1998) pp.225-239.


Bone transferals of mythical persons
Hero From To By When Sources
Pelops Peloponnesus Troy Greeks End of Trojan War Apollod. Epit 5.10, Paus 5.13.4
Oedipus Thebes Athens Athens Unknown Paus. 1.28.7
Hector Troad Thebes Thebans Unknown (?5th or 4th C) Paus. 9.18.5, Lycoph. Alex 1194 1204-11, Strab 9.412
Orpheus Leibethra Dion Dionians Unknown Paus. 9.30.9-11
Hesiod Ascra Orchomenus Orchomenians 8th-4th c.B.C. Procl. In Hes. Op v.631 (quoting Arist. Orchom. Pol.)
Hesiod Naupactus Orchomenus Orchomenians 8th-5th c.B.C. Paus 9.38.3-4
Pelops Euboea Olympia Eleans Post 580-3rd c.B.C. Paus 5.13.5-6
Orestes Tegea Sparta Spartans mid 6th c.B.C. Hdt 1.66.3-68.6
Tisamenus Helice Sparta Spartans 2nd half of 6th c.B.C. Paus. 7.1.8
Minos Minoa, Sicily Crete Theron 488-472 B.C. Diod 4.79.3-4
Theseus Scyros Athens Kimon 476/75 B.C. Plut. Thes.36.1-2
Rhesus Troy Amphipolis Hagnon 437 B.C. Ployaenus, Strat.6.53
Arcas Maenalus Mantinea Mantineans 421-418 B.C. Paus.8.9.3-4
Hippodameia Midea Olympia Eleans 420 B.C. Paus.6.20.7
Alcmene Haliartos Sparta King Agesilaus c382 B.C. Plut. Mor 577e-578a
Aristomenes Rhodes Messene Messenians after 371 B.C. Paus.4.32.3
Melanippus Thebes Sicyon Cleisthenes early 6th c.B.C. Hdt.5.67-68








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