Sparta lands at Phalerum - 511 B.C.

It seemed like every time the Lacedaemonians went to Delphi for advice they found no other answer but to 'free Athens'. The Alcmaeonidae who were ousted by Hippias and had found their way to Delphi, had in the meantime won the Delphi priests over. Who would give no other oracle to the Spartans but to 'free Athens'.

The king of Sparta Kleomenes would have had few illusions about the Alcmaeonide and their leader; Cleisthenes. But at least they wanted the same thing, even if it was for different reasons. Sparta feared that a strong Athens might well become a commercial and military threat to the Peloponnese, and anything that would cull that from happening was in their favour. The Spartans after a while succumed to the advise and in 511 B.C. they sent Anchimolius at the head of an army against Athens, with orders to drive out Hippias.

Over sea the Spartans came and landed at Phalerum (a natural harbour closer to Athens than Piraeus) . Hippias having prior knowledge of the invasion had organised 1,000 horsemen from his allies in Thessaly. They raided the Spartan camp when it landed routing the invaders and killing their general. The invasion was a complete failure.


In 511 B.C., Miltiades was thrown out of the Chersonese by the Scythians.

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