Siege of Scyros - 475 B.C.

In 475, after capturing the city of Eion, Kimon lead his Athenian forces to the island of Scyros, which at that time contained a Dolopian population, and had turned Persian. But with no Persian help available for the island, the seas in those parts in total Athenian hands, Kimon landed and left nothing to waste, sacking it, and taking the inhabitants as slaves, afterwards colonised the island with an Athenian population.

From then on it became a part of the hegemony of Athens.

In Greek mythology, Theseus was said to have died on Skyros.


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'The history of the Peloponnesian Wars' by Thucydidies in Chaper IV (written c431 B.C),translated by Richard Crawley 1910.


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